Some of you might notice that a little change happened to Baidu search box yesterday. When you type any search term in the box, it shows an enhanced version of Baidu search suggest. Actually, it’s more like a Baidu version of instant search technology.




As you can see from the picture above, a result box next to the search suggest shows the top three organic results. People can click on those results and go to the result web page even without pressing the search button.


Like Google instant search, the result will change as you are typing. Besides, you can actually roll your mouse over to the suggested terms and see the search result for that term as well.




I have not found any news and stats about this new feature yet on the Internet, and I guess Baidu is still testing it. However, without a doubt, this is a good feature for SEOers. One of the biggest controversies on if it’s worth doing SEO for Baidu is because of too many PPC ads showing above the natural search results.


With this new feature, I feel, SEO is critical, and to be in top 3 definitely gives you an advantage for getting more traffic from Baidu now.