In 1999, launched the Thai Domain Name System which enables users to create domain names in the Thai language.


To enable this to happen, ThaiURL developed a program for browsers which can support websites which have domain names in the Thai language. The features follow the concept of the Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) system. Thai Domain Names can work with the internet system in the same way as English Domain names, with no need to change the DNS. As an example of the usefulness for search engine ranking purposes of using a Thai Domain Name, I would like to provide the following case study.

Case Study:

The Thai Domain Management Company (TDM) in Thailand registered the following domain name in Thai language http://เกมส์.com (this website is about Games).

Only 2 months after launching this website, http://เกมส์.com achieved a ranking of number 3 on the first page of Google Thailand. In December 2009, they received 143,000 page views/day and have in total received 3.35 million page views.

The Marketing Director of TDM, Mr.Krucheewan, said that the company never expended any costs on marketing for this website and most traffic comes from search engines, especially Google.

TDM achieved such good results in a short time frame by using a popular keyword to register the Domain name. The keyword Game (เกมส์) is a popular keyword and has high search volume in Thailand and so therefore it’s not difficult to get a higher ranking in a short period of time. Of course, it is believed the use of a domain name in Thai also helped the rankings on Google which sees it as relevant for the Thai market.

As a result of receiving such high traffic and page views, http://เกมส์.com can earn more income from sponsors that have an interest in advertising on their website i.e. through banners.

In summary, the benefitsof using a Thai Domain Name are:

1. More convenience for local users to search in Thai language and potentially higher click through rates

2. Potentially higher rankings on Google, the dominant Thai search engine, than would otherwise be the case than if just using an English domain name