Korea’s biggest search engine, Naver, started to market its search ad platform more aggressively with cable TV commercials.Naver started its TV commercial campaign featuring three different ads on 15 March this year. The advertisements emphasize the usefulness of its Searchad PPC platform and how it can connect business owners and potential customers.The commercials are mainly aiming at small business owners and are showing some real life examples of very niche businesses such as a bug farm or a pet fish shop owner, as seen in the TV commercial, and demonstrate how these niche consumers could potentially benefit from using Naver’s Searchad platform. All three of said commercials can be watched here.

With these advertisements, Naver demonstrates an ambition to further expand its already near- monopolistic position in the search engine advertisement market, and expand its reach to SMEs rather than just focusing on the mainstream industries and big brands. If Naver accomplishes its goals with this campaign, keyword competition and prices are likely to increase across all industries as a result.