For any Google Adwords manager, it is very important to improve the Quality Score of the keywords when running PPC campaigns because it determines if the keywords can be activated and the click price of the ads.The landing page is the first page users see after clicking the ad, so the loading time affects the Quality Score directly. This means we need to design the landing page carefully when we are publishing the ads. To improve Quality Score, we need to improve the loading time of the landing page – the faster, the better.

How does the loading time of the landing page affect the Quality Score?

Google uses landing page load time as a factor in its Quality Score to ensure that users get the best experience possible after clicking an ad. In addition, if a landing page is used in multiple ad groups, the same landing page score gets carried across to all keywords within all groups.

What affects landing page loading time?

1. Redirects: Some advertisers want to use redirects to track the traffic better, but it takes up precious time when you open a webpage, it would be better to avoid using too much.

2. Code and page file size: If there are a lot of pictures, CSS, JS and text in the landing pages, it can take an age to load. If it’s possible to compress images, or remove redundant code, do it.

3. Server: It will be a big problem if the server is very slow. You need find a good and stable provider for your website before you do the Google Adwords.

To help you reduce your page loading time, refer to the Yahoo!’s best practices guide.

Google AdWords will continuously measure the landing page load times. If you have managed to shorten the loading time, you should naturally improve Quality Score, and that will in turn be reflected in future activity.