The average business generates USD $2 in revenue for every USD $1 spent on Google Ads (Google Economic Impact). While the opportunities are abundant, consumers are becoming more diverse and demanding than ever before. They want things faster and targeted to their needs.

As such, businesses must be strategic in crafting the right Google ad to effectively reach prospects and convert them into customers.

To provide greater measurability into your ad production, Google launched 2 new features:

  • Reporting on responsive search ads
  • Ad strength indicator

Google Responsive Search Ads

Google’s responsive search ads lacked reporting on which combinations work best and how to stay relevant in ad groups. In response, Google added key reporting functions to help you build a better ad:

  • To see what your ad will look like in advance of posting it, you can now preview ad combinations as you build them.
  • To see what’s showing up most often on the SERP, you can now view reporting for headlines, descriptions, and top combinations.

Google Ad Strength Indicator

Google now gives you a scale on which you can see the strength of your responsive search ad. You’ll also see ad strength as a column in Google Ads.

Ranging from “Poor” to “Excellent,” ad strength measures your ad copy based on:

  • Relevance
  • Quantity
  • Diversity

With actionable feedback, the ad strength indicator guides you in making your ad more effective.

Use ad strength to create more effective responsive search ads. (Source: Google)

For ad strength, Google gives best practices:

    • Provide as many distinct headlines, descriptions, and other assets as possible. This will help Google’s machine learning generate a larger number of relevant, effective ad combinations.
    • For a responsive search ad, provide as many headlines and descriptions as makes sense for your business. If you’re having trouble getting started, we recommend focusing on creating at least five headlines.
    • For a responsive display ad, provide up to 15 images and five logos, headlines, and descriptions per ad.

There are over 4 million Google advertisers (Business Insider). These advertisers range from beginner to advanced users, and Google offers many tools to help along the way.

However, it is important to note that these tools still require rich data and an advanced ad campaign strategy to work effectively.

We can help you develop and mine critical data and create a winning campaign strategy with Google ads that convert.


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