Samsonite: Luggage Royalty Building Brand Loyalty

Simplify, strengthen, and align e-commerce presence across the APAC region

We helped Samsonite—the world’s largest luggage manufacturer—simplify, strengthen, and align its e-commerce presence across the APAC region.The Egg client success


  • Site architecture
  • Indexability
  • HTML mark-ups
  • Link analysis
  • Keyword research
  • On-page content optimization
  • SEO consultation
  • Monthly reports
  • Page speed optimization


Samsonite is the world’s largest luggage manufacturer, boasting a total global revenue of USD $3.49 billion in 2017.

In the ultra-competitive international luggage retail market, it’s essential to present compelling products that are easy to navigate and purchase online.

Challenges + Goals

Pressure is high. Time is tight. Travelers are busy. They want to make streamlined luggage purchases online. However, we know that customer indecision increases as users move down the sales funnel.

We optimized Samsonite’s e-commerce site to increase and convert more local organic search traffic and ultimately increase revenue across the APAC region.

The challenge was to promote several Samsonite brands on 4 websites for 4 vastly different national markets—Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand—under an aggressive schedule.

Strategy + Execution

Phase 1: SEO Audit

The project started with an SEO audit to review and refine the performance of each site. We identified technical SEO issues related to the CMS and found that a lack of branded content between products created confusion and curbed conversions.

Phase 2: Analytics + SEO Management

We setup practical analytics for greater granularity and value. For example, we provided the ability to track which brands are selling faster and where people are dropping-off through the check-out stages. This helped Samsonite choose which products to promote and where exactly to improve the sales funnel.

Additionally, we made significant technical changes to, for example, reduce the number of duplicate indexed pages across all 4 sites. This eliminated self-cannibalization and helped key pages perform better.

Phase 3: Hong Kong Focus

Next, we focused on the Hong Kong site and managed everything relating to SEO. Some achievements include:

  • Significantly increased the click-through rate on product pages, which became the largest driver of traffic—even over the homepage
  • Optimized the HTTPs implementation so customers can enjoy a secure purchase experience across the entire site
  • Localized the website experience, from search to shop, for the Hong Kong demographic. For example:
    • Used inches instead of centimeters as searchers in Hong Kong do not search in cm.
    • Assisted in the roll-out of a Chinese-language version of the site to drive organic search traffic. Chinese language now dominates, growing to over 50% of all organic traffic in just 5 months!

Phase 4: Ongoing

Our work with Samsonite is ongoing. We are constantly applying new SEO and UX strategies. We look forward to the future with Samsonite!

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