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Our focus on driving innovation across the Asian digital marketing space encouraged us to develop technologies and tools capable of assisting marketers working across Asian markets and languages

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Dragon Metrics

Dragon Metrics was launched in Asia to solve a need for agencies and clients doing SEO in China, Japan and Korea.

It has since grown into a global tool, offering keyword ranking data across countries, language, and devices, in addition to helping you keep an eye on competitors’ activities and rankings.

The company CEO is Simon Lesser, a former employee of The Egg who has grown Dragon Metrics from an internal tool to an independent entity. Simon runs Dragon Metrics out of New York and is happy to arrange a free trial if you get in touch.

Increase Organic Traffic

Rank above Competitors

Automate the Reporting Process

Get Actionable Insights and Deep Analysis

Find and Fix Site Issues

Improve ROI and Performance


UpStory grew from a need in the content marketing world to deliver the right content offerings to the right users.

Using advanced predictive algorithms, UpStory understands the different types of users that visit your site, the channels they come from, and the articles they click on. It uses this information to deliver content relevant to specific users, driving greater engagement, more time on site, reduced bounce rates, and increased page views.

Understand Your Users

UpStory sits on your site, using user data to create user buckets.

Deliver the Right Content

With this data, we help you to deliver the relevant content that your users want.

Get the Right Results

UpStory delivers higher user engagement.

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