Diandian Light blogging offsite link building in China


Since Diandian launched its light blogging platform in April, its user groups are growing rapidly. Website owners are using the platform to build offsite links on Diandian. Today I was surfing on Diandian and I found an interesting offsite link building example.


The example site (http://www.omkong.com) was launched on 21st, July which is concentrating on Western Fashion clothing styles. Omkong.com and itsfan.com are owned by the same company. Thus omkong.com and itsfan.com are on Diandian light blogging together.


By using this light blogging platform, the administrator is maintaining updated content of images and links every day. They usually post a charming fashion girl image then with a link below. The common format for this kind of link building is shown below:


Source: http://zheshifan.diandian.com/


When checking omkong.com’s offsite links on Yahoo explorer, there are no less than 1000 in-bound links. When analyzing these 1000 links, 86% of them come from different forums. Omkong.com built 77 links on Diandian and of these 25 so far have now been indexed. As I mentioned above, omkong.com only went online on July 21st, which is only 4 weeks from today, so its link building efforts so far have been impressive. Below is the breakdown of Omkong.com’s offsite linking profile.


There are 5 functions on Diandian light blogging which we can use to share, they are: text, images, music, links, and videos. At this point, the links we add are all direct links which is different from Sina-microblogging which will automatically revise URLs. You are free to place anchor text in the links you build in the content. It is also possible to distribute anchor text and links is in the descriptions of each function.




Omkong.com is lucky because of the 77 offsite links it has built in a month, already 25 are indexed by Yahoo Site explorer, which is a relatively short period of time.


Search engines are indexing Diandian pages now. Even though Diandian is not a site with high authority at this moment, I believe it will be soon.


Diandian is an innovation for social media in China whose core is peoples interests in sharing, but also provides an effective means of creating relevant links for your company’s website. In short, Diandian and other light blogging platforms in China would appear to provide an effective link building method and branding platform which should be considered by anyone involved in digital marketing or doing SEO in China.