What’s In A Name?


The Egg, to us, represents birth, life, and growth

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As a company, we give birth to ideas. As a team, we bring those ideas to life.

But ideas alone are not enough. We strive to be the best at what we do–by investing in our people, keeping on top of our industry, and never deviating from our Asian roots.

For our clients, we never stop striving for perfection in our work, from project planning and strategy development through to execution and presentation.

Our Core Values

Life is too short to be unhappy. We strive to work with good people and great clients to keep us feeling Zen.

Always Starting Up
We’re passed the bootstrapping stage, but we remember our past and keep the drive and hunger at our core.

Direct and Honest
That’s how we keep it for all our contacts and throughout all our communications.

The Power of One
We prize teamwork–we also know that individuals can affect change in companies, and we have seen it time and time again.

Just Getting it Done
We’re not here to watch paint dry–we’re here to make a mark (or a splash) on everything we do.

Being inquisitive leads to finding better ways of doing things–even when things work, they can always be improved.

Our Hatching


Our 20th Birthday

In 2018 we are delighted to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

A lot has changed over that time, and a lot will indeed change over the next 20 years.

We are excited to meet that challenge!


UpStory is Launched

UpStory has been an ongoing passion project for owner Richard Mabey and former-Baidu engineer Vincent Leung.

With the explosion of content marketing efforts, UpStory allows marketers to retarget users with the best content to match the specific user; as determined by our proprietary algorithm.


Tokyo Office Opened

While we had native Japanese SEO specialists on the team beforehand, working from our Hong Kong office, we always wanted to expand our operations into Japan.

2016 was a hugely exciting year for our growth; the opening of the office in Tokyo and expansion of the Japanese team has allowed us to further improve our Japanese SEO & SEM offerings.


Singapore Office Opened

While 2016 also saw the formation of our Singaporean office. With so many of our clients operating out of the city it made perfect sense to set-up a dedicated office to support them.

While we have also been expanding our training services in the Singaporean market. Helping marketers in the area better understand the opportunities, and challenges, of digital marketing in China.


Dragon Metrics Launched

Dragon Metrics is the brainchild of a former Egg employee, and long-time friend, Simon Lesser.

In 2012 it became the first SEO platform designed specifically for Asian Search. Today, it is a leading SEO platform with some of the world’s largest brands using it for their Asian, and Global, SEO reporting needs.


Shanghai Office Opened

As our China office continued to grow, as did the interest from regional clients to enter the Chinese search market, we made the decision to expand our Chinese operations.

The opening of the Shanghai office allowed us to better serve clients struggling to enter a market vastly different from anything outside of Asia.


Guangzhou Office Opened

While Hong Kong will always remain our home, and HQ, the opening of the Guangzhou office allowed The Egg to develop rapidly.

As the Chinese search environment shifted amid multiple entries, and exits, from the market, our team on the ground was able to ensure our clients weren’t being left behind.


The Egg Hatches

Richard Mabey and, then, business partner Jean-Noel Garou set about creating an online property listing company.

A dot com burst and several pivotal moments later The Egg focuses its efforts on becoming Asia’s leading digital marketing agency.

We’ve come a long way…

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