SEO in China

Nearly doubling the number of internet users in the United States, China is the largest and fastest-growing market in the world.

As personal incomes (and the size of the Chinese online environment) keep expanding at a breathtaking rate, the time has never been better to start increasing the search visibility of your web properties in China through SEO.

Relatively unknown outside of the country, Beijing-based Baidu is the search engine Goliath maintaining a commanding 81% of the Chinese search market. Battling for the distant 2nd position at around 5% of the market share each is the rising Chinese search portal, Sogou, and Google, which has been struggling to hold onto its ever-shrinking piece of the pie ever since its ceremonious pullout of Mainland China in 2010.

Baidu has become as synonymous with search in China as “Googling” something in other markets is. While on the surface Baidu’s interface seems deceptively similar to that of Google’s, optimizing for Baidu requires a different approach, and a thorough understanding of its ranking criteria.

Specialists in Chinese Search

Our team of Chinese SEO specialists based in Mainland China and Hong Kong maintain a high degree of expertise in Baidu SEO and other major Chinese search players, dedicated to analyzing and understanding new developments and changes in the search environment. We know what it takes to get you found in Baidu, and have the experience to back it up.

Expert Chinese Copywriters

Choosing the right keywords that will be effective in the Chinese market is far more involved than a simple direct translation. China is a huge market with a great deal of regional diversity. The Egg not only holds a deep understanding of Chinese search habits, but also of the vast regional and cultural difference throughout the country, ensuring the most effective keywords are targeted and the most effective copy is written.

Trust the Chinese SEO experts at The Egg. Contact us to get started driving more, targeted traffic to your Chinese web properties.