Since the Egg’s inception in 1998, the company has been focused on hatching ideas.

When we first set up, we wanted to start an online property listing company – without money and resources we figured we would build websites until we could pull the funds together to make it truly big. The web gods had other ideas, however, and with the dot com bubble bursting in 2001, our main ambition was to survive, as our clients and revenue crumbled around us. After a few failures and multiple pivots, we finally focused our efforts on becoming one of Asia’s leading search marketing consultancy. As our search business continued to grow, we found it increasing difficult to execute SEO using tools that were primarily designed for the English language. Driven by this necessity, we started building our own tools that would assist in double byte SEO (Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters) and, finally in 2012, we launched, for public use, the first SEO platform designed for Asian Search – Dragon Metrics


Dragon Metrics was launched in Asia to solve a need for agencies and clients doing SEO in China, Japan and Korea.

Ever since its launch, it has gone from strength to strength, and it now serves global companies doing SEO not just in Asia but all over the world. The company CEO is Simon Lesser who oversaw the project while working at the Egg before Dragon Metrics was set up as an independent entity. Simon runs Dragon Metrics out of New York and will be happy to arrange a free trial if you get in touch.