What’s in the name?

When we went about choosing the name for our company, we wanted something that would correspond with our philosophy to business.

We wanted a name that would stand the test of time but also one that would harmonize with the organic metamorphosis of our business over time. The Egg, to us, represents birth, life, growth and perfection. As a company, we give birth and life to ideas which are hatched inside our nest. These ideas blossom into the well-executed projects which we spawn among our clients. We aim to develop, nurture and strengthen the individuals that join the company. Giving talented people a place to learn and to flourish is not only part of our ethos; it remains one of our most gratifying achievements. Perfection is what we always strive for in the planning, strategy and execution stages, and in everything that we do for our clients.


Just getting it done

We’re not here to watch paint dry; we’re here to make a mark (or a splash) on everything we do.

The Power of One

We prize teamwork; we also know that individuals can change companies and we have seen it time and time again.

Direct and Honest

That’s how we keep it for all our contacts and throughout our communications.

Always Starting Up

We’re past the bootstrapping stage but we remember our past and keep the drive and hunger at our core.


Being inquisitive leads to finding better ways of doing things – even when things work, they can always be fixed.


Life is too short not to be happy. We strive to work with good people and great clients to keep us feeling Zen.

The Egg at a glance


So what would it be like to work at the Egg? Let us briefly share the type of person that thrives in our company culture.

If you have had even a cursory glance through our website (particularly our About Us, Values and Hatching sections), you will realize that the people within the Egg are key to upholding our culture and ensuring our future success. But we are not just looking for smart, eager people; it has to be more than that. Much more. The people who are most happy at the Egg are those with an aching hunger for knowledge and self-improvement. This is closely followed by a deep desire to work with people who share the same values. This helps create a stimulating and collaborative environment that allows our team to set no limits for themselves. It is our job to fuel this fire and to keep people stretching as far as they can possibly go.

Here are some of the company benefits we offer to keep the teaming humming.


We love the great outdoors and make sure we see it as often as we can. Team trips come every quarter.

Health Plan

We ask you to eat your veggies but when that fails, there’s the health plan.

Flexi Hols

We’re all big boys and girls here; you decide when to push it to the limits and when you need to recharge.

Clean Air*

In many cities in China we can’t take clean air for granted! Breathe easy with our office air cleaners as well as face masks!

Health Club Subsidy

Whether you love going to the gym, Yoga or even Tai Chi, we provide a gym subsidy.

Dual Screens

When it comes to productivity there’s nothing like doing your work in full HD bliss.

* This might sound funny to people who are not based in Asia, but if you have travelled to Beijing when the pollution index hits 500+ you will know

Team Building Events

At The Egg, the team comes first and we hold team building events on a regular basis to further strengthen our vision and values. In short, we are really just a bunch of young, passionate digital marketing professionals who enjoy spending time with each other, no matter if it’s inside or outside of the office.