China Internet Image Search Era Comes

As we know is a famous image search engine. In China, Baidu launched its image search image function ( late last year. In the middle of 2011, Google released its search by image feature ( Soon after on Aug 15, 2011 Sogou ( launched this function. The search views and functions of the three…



China Search Engine Market Share Q2 2011

A recent report published by Chinese research company iResearch suggests that Sogou has overtaken SOSO to become the third largest Search Engine in China, by number of search queries, after Baidu and Google. The same report from iResearch also summarized that the total number of search queries conducted in China exceeded over 73 billion in…



When to use Subdomains or Subdirectories

Last time when I discussed SEO strategy for multi-regional and multilingual sites, I mentioned briefly the topics of when to use subdomain’s and when to choose subdirectories. Here in this article I will provide some tips regarding choosing subdomains or subdirectories to organize content of your site. How search engines treat subdomains and subdirectories? A…